Ayuso acusa al Gobierno socialista de aumentar las agresiones sexuales y de abandonar el feminismo.

Ayuso acusa al Gobierno socialista de aumentar las agresiones sexuales y de abandonar el feminismo.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso criticises Lobato's questioning of her absolute majority: "Enjoy the defeat, as I will enjoy the victory"

MADRID, June 22.

The PP candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has warned that sexual assaults have increased under the PSOE and Podemos government and has argued that for this reason "feminism, the authentic one, the one that was there, has turned its back on them."

She made these remarks during her speech in the second session of the investiture debate held on Thursday in the Assembly of Madrid, in response to the spokesperson for the PSOE, Juan Lobato.

"So many lessons, so much business, so many speeches and what have you done for women...Look, since you have been in government, attacks on women, especially sexual assaults, have increased, especially in the Community of Madrid," she said, referring to the data from the Public Prosecutor's Office.

In her opinion, the PSOE and the left-wing do not respect "when a woman speaks" and they have scared away "classical feminism" because with "impunity" they have allowed "more than 1,100 sexual aggressors and rapists to benefit from their 'yes means yes' law." She criticised this "feminist law that was supposed to be a reference in Europe" and that was "supposed to pave the way for feminism in the world," as well as the "campaigns of the Ministry of Equality" that tell women how to maintain their "sexuality from a certain age" or how to "dress or not to dress on the beach."

In addition, she criticised the fact that the socialists remained silent when "the case of sexual abuse by Mónica Oltra's surroundings" occurred or called on women to attend the 8M march in the year of the pandemic.

"Can you imagine what you would be saying on the streets if the case of Tito Berni, Tito Berni, had been carried out by PP deputies?" she emphasised. "The same practices that many politicians from the Junta de Andalucía maintained for many years..."

She also criticised the fact that the Basque PSOE President, Jesús Eguiguren, was kept in place and that they said nothing when former Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero "pardoned 18 abusers."

She also referred to the insults of some socialist leaders against her. "I like it when a representative of the left, especially when he is a man, gives me lessons as a woman, on how I have to think, on how I have to enjoy myself. Enjoy the defeat, as I will enjoy the victory, as I consider..." she told Lobato.

She reprimanded Lobato for coming out with "clichés" from the very first day and "questioning her" when the Community government has not even been formed yet and she has not taken office. According to her, his arguments are weak and scarce.