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Crónica Madrid.

'Torero estrella 'El Juli' se despide en la corrida inaugural de la Feria de Otoño en Las Ventas'

'Torero estrella 'El Juli' se despide en la corrida inaugural de la Feria de Otoño en Las Ventas'

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid, and her advisor for Environment, Agriculture, and Interior, Carlos Novillo, among other personalities, will attend on Saturday at 6 pm the opening bullfight of the Autumn Fair. This event marks the farewell of Madrid bullfighter Julián López 'El Juli' from Las Ventas Bullring, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of his debut as a professional bullfighter.

In fact, the Madrid bullring is dedicating a monographic exhibition to this bullfighter, "one of the greatest names in Spanish and worldwide bullfighting", who will bid farewell to the Madrid fans at the upcoming Autumn Fair after a 25-year career.

During the exhibition opening last week, the bullfighter himself and the regional president were present. Ayuso mentioned that 'El Juli' has experienced in the bullring "sensations that have made him grow as a person, but he has never lost the truth or intensity in his professional career."

"He has gone through moments of enjoying the favor of the public and others much harder, and throughout all this time, he has never lost his energy, his commitment, his vocation, or his magic," said Ayuso, adding that "his career has been dazzling."

'El Juli' has participated in 1,860 bullfighting events, has faced 3,900 animals, has cut 3,000 ears, and 100 tails. He started in this world at the age of 9 when he stood in front of a young bull in his village. Later, he entered the Madrid bullfighting school, where he coincided with Miguel Abellán, who is currently the president of the Center for Bullfighting Affairs, and who also dedicated some words of praise to 'El Juli'.

As a child, 'El Juli' went to Mexico to bullfight, and in Nimes, he became the youngest matador in history. "The world of bullfighting has taught Julian a discipline and principles that are hard to find elsewhere. He said that losing oneself in ego can make you lose sight of who you are, and he's not wrong. In his home at Las Ventas, Julian has been observed and has always given his best. Madrid is proud of 'El Juli'," added the President.

"She hopes that his retirement is not definitive. Although it is the end of a stage, we would like it to be something more because we would all like to see you have glorious performances," concluded Ayuso, approaching the bullfighter with the question "Have you thought it through?"

Meanwhile, Julián Díaz also visited the exhibition, accompanied by the regional president and Miguel Abellán, along with bullfighter José Ortega Cano, former mayor of Madrid José María Álvarez del Manzano, and the mayor of Arganda del Rey, Alberto Escribano.

"My entire career is reflected in this exhibition, and in these final moments of my career, I feel nostalgia for everything I have experienced. The word that always touches me the most is gratitude. There is no career for any professional that is not thanks to the public. My longevity is because the public has loved and respected me, and my greatest feeling is when I have felt the communion between the bull and the public. Thanks to families, managers, breeders, journalists, and entrepreneurs. Thank you and goodbye," he said.

The Antonio Bienvenida hall will host the exhibition on the professional career of the bullfighter from Velilla de San Antonio, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and, as he announced last July, will retire from the bullring in 2023, with his last performance at the world's most important bullring on September 30.

The exhibition will be open to the public until October 12 and can be visited during the celebration days. It will be free in the morning and will require a ticket in the afternoon during the bullfighting shows of the fair.

Organized by the regional government and the management company Plaza 1, this exhibition about 'El Juli' brings together significant pieces ranging from his most iconic costumes to capes, posters, photographs, some historical bull's heads, and trophies.

The Community of Madrid distinguished this bullfighting figure with the Culture Award in the category of Bullfighting, at the XXI edition of these awards in March, in recognition of his career as a bullfighter, in which he topped the rankings in 1999, 2000, and 2002.