Crónica Madrid.

Crónica Madrid.

CCOO Madrid evalúa acciones legales contra la ley del PP y sus cambios en 15 normas, así como las reformas LGTBI y trans.

CCOO Madrid evalúa acciones legales contra la ley del PP y sus cambios en 15 normas, así como las reformas LGTBI y trans.

MADRID, 14 Nov. - CC.OO. Madrid is considering taking legal action against the proposals presented by the PP in the Assembly on Friday to simultaneously modify 15 regulations and the LGTBI and trans laws of the Community of Madrid.

This was announced at a press conference by the general secretary of the union, Paloma López, and its representative for Institutional Policy, Paloma Vega, who criticized these proposals for seeking to "eliminate control" over the regional government.

On Friday, they registered amendments to Law 2/2016, of March 29, on Identity and Gender Expression and Social Equality and Non-Discrimination in the Community of Madrid, and Law 3/2016, of July 22, on Comprehensive Protection against LGTBIfobia and Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation and Identity in the Community of Madrid. They also registered a simplification law that affects, among others, Telemadrid, the Transparency Council, and the Land Law. All of them were registered for urgent processing.

CC.OO. believes that this approach "is not justified" and is a result of the "lack of interest" from the regional government in allowing citizens to participate while shortening deadlines and avoiding "extensive public debate."

"It has little to do with simplification and improvement and more to do with ending aspects of control over the government. They want to make oversight disappear," Vega emphasized, understanding that an "anti-democratic" path is being crossed.

López then listed several modifications to the law that changes 15 regulations and evaluated the changes. In the case of the Chamber of Accounts, they believe that its ability to investigate irregularities is hindered and the role of counterbalance with vocal members and their appointment, which "now falls to the government," is taken away from the Assembly.

López added that in recent years this body has been "essential" in "exposing mismanagement" in Madrid's healthcare system, such as emergency contracts or its relationship with private healthcare.

Furthermore, according to the union's general secretary, the Transparency Council, which oversees compliance by high-ranking officials and provides data through information requests, is also removed. This "prevents the counterbalance" of the Assembly to the Madrid government.

In the case of Telemadrid, various bodies such as the Viewer and Listener Participation Office, the Editorial Council, and the Advisory Council - all designed to safeguard the "independence and plurality" of the public entity - are undermined. Additionally, the regional parliament is marginalized in the appointment of the corporation's director general.

They have also criticized other parts of the legislation, which according to the union, are aimed at "deepening the privatization of public assets" through outsourcing, promoting deforestation of forests, and easing the Land Law. In the field of LGTBI rights, they have accused the PP of introducing measures that "hinder the fight against discrimination of the community."

That is why they have announced that they will take "whatever measures are necessary" to stop this package of measures. "An absolute majority does not allow for an authoritarian turn in the Community of Madrid by eliminating participation and returning to a model where corruption is possible if citizen oversight is eliminated," López declared.

For CC.OO. Madrid, these are modifications of "sufficient importance" to consider various lines of action, from the trade union and legal perspectives, as well as forming alliances with civil society and political parties to find a way to stop them.