Crónica Madrid.

Crónica Madrid.

Ayuso se rodea de su "núcleo duro" y renueva casi la mitad de su lista electoral, saliendo los afines a Casado.

Ayuso se rodea de su

PP's Ayuso carries out a "profound renewal" in her list for the Madrid Assembly elections

MADRID, Apr. 17

The president of the Community of Madrid and PP's candidate for re-election, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has carried out a "profound renewal" in her list for the Madrid Assembly elections, where nearly 50% of the names are new and close associates of former PP President Pablo Casado are removed.

As already announced by Ayuso this weekend, the Secretary General of the PP of Madrid and her campaign director, Alfonso Serrano, will occupy the second position while the Vice President of the Community, Enrique Ossorio, will occupy the third, according to party sources who confirmed it to Europa Press.

Following them, are the president of the Assembly, María Eugenia Carballedo; the Minister of Finance, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty; the Minister of Environment, Paloma Martín, and the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero.

PP sources in Madrid have highlighted that there has never been such a major renewal in the party, as it has been applied not only to the list for the regional parliament but also to the municipalities. Additionally, they have defended the process, which was "one of the most peaceful list-making process in the history of the PP of Madrid, in harmony with Madrid's Town Hall."

Around 50% of the members of the list for the Assembly are new, similar to what has happened in municipalities. "The best replacement has been sought for those candidates who had already served several terms as representatives," these same sources explained.

The local candidates who were representatives so far will focus on their municipalities, and certain people will assume other responsibilities after the elections.

Regarding this last point, the list sees the departure of the regional councillors Carlos Izquierdo and David Pérez--who will go on the PP list for Madrid Town Hall--as well as the former Secretary General of the PP of Madrid and senator through autonomous designation, Ana Camíns, and the former chief of staff of Pablo Casado, Diego Sanjuanbenito. These are people trusted by the former national leader of the PP, for whom they took a stand in the internal battle he waged against Ayuso.

In the main positions, the PP spokesperson in the Assembly, Pedro Múñoz Abrines, has been placed, as well as people with responsibilities within the party designated after the Regional Congress, such as Ana Millán, Jorge Rodrigo, Ignacio Vázquez, and Jesús Moreno.

Also in leading positions, the PP leader has placed former national deputy of Citizens, Patricia Reyes. Additionally, former Citizens lawmakers Marta Marbán and Sergio Brabezo will remain in the Madrid Assembly. They were added in 2021, following the coalition government's breakdown.

The list for the Madrid Assembly also includes mayors of intermediate and small municipalities "in recognition of the work of municipalism to unify" the Community of Madrid.

The president of Nuevas Generaciones of Madrid, Ignacio Dancausa, will not occupy a leading position as it has traditionally been, but will symbolically close the list. "He will start from municipal politics, in his village, setting an example for the rest of the party's youth," sources from the party indicated.