Crónica Madrid.

Crónica Madrid.

"Presentada por Ayuso la lista de los 178 candidatos del PP de Madrid para las elecciones regionales del 28M".

Isabel Díaz Ayuso presents the PP candidates for the municipal elections in Madrid

MADRID, April 13.

The president of the Community of Madrid and PP candidate for re-election, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, presented on Thursday the 178 candidates for the PP in Madrid for the municipal elections on May 28, which she considers "the first round of the December elections".

At the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid, the regional leader emphasised that these candidates for municipalities (except for Valdepiélagos, where the mayor has already been elected) open "a new phase". These are people who have taken "a step forward without asking for anything in exchange" and who bring with them "high percentages of renewal".

"Renewing is also our obligation to leave in the future a quarry that will one day take over, that we know how to be on time and that the best will stay. To leave a school of values behind our work", she stressed, while asking to "never lose the enthusiasm for the first details".

The new team has an average age of 45 years: the youngest is Marta Cid, from Torremocha de Jarama, who is 23 years old; and the oldest is Rafael García, from Gargantilla, who is 76. In addition, 71 of the candidates are taking a step forward for the first time "to take on the management of their municipalities where they were born or where they have been living and therefore know well".

For Ayuso, "like Madrid" the PP "is also made up of contrasts: of mayors and councillors who have great management experience, of very young people who take a step forward to take responsibility and solve the problems of their neighbours and of citizens who come from other parts of the world and are Madrilenians".

She also had words for the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, whom she considered an "inspiration" for many mayors. In her opinion, "after a very tough legislature, he has laid the foundations for four promising years". "If he has worked as hard as he has in the worst moments, what is to come now", she added.

"It is men and women of any condition who want to work in the noble profession of politics". "The joyful union of people who are very, very different from each other, united by common values. That is our team, those are the people who make up this house, who see a way of looking at things and, above all, love Spain and, therefore, Madrid and freedom", she emphasised.

These candidates "will not stop working every day of the year to leave the municipality better than they found it when they arrived" and will accompany the citizens they represent at all times. "We owe it to them above our organic interests, it is to them that we owe loyalty and to whom we would fail if we had chosen these candidates thinking of particular or partisan interests", she conveyed.

At this point, she emphasised that "we are at a decisive moment for Madrid and for Spain" because Madrid is Spain. For Ayuso, the country "needs profound reforms, enthusiasm, and a different way of doing politics, respecting plurality, seeking what unites, strengthening institutions and respecting the property, life and freedom of all citizens, wherever they live and whoever they vote for".